Dog Relaxes Immediately In Family’s Arms After 5 Years Of Searching

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Tanya Ohanian, the dog director at Evanston Animal Shelter, initially assumed the dog was merely a local stray when she received a report about one found nearby in Cook County, Illinois.

Ohanian was unaware that the dog had been taken away from her family and attempting to return home for the previous five years.

Staff members scanned the dog’s microchip safely inside the shelter, but the data they discovered was not up to date. They speculated that it might lead nowhere.

The shelter, however, soon acquired a more thorough account of the dog’s past with the aid of a nearby group called Microchip Hunters.

The dog was not a nameless stray, according to the newly discovered facts. The dog was named Dottie, and her family had been looking for her for the past five years.

Soon after, Ohanian called Dottie’s family to share the wonderful news that their best friend had returned and was waiting for them.

George Loving, Dottie’s father, had been missing his dog for so long that the news was hard for him to accept.

Loving said, “I cried many nights about it.”

Unexpectedly, he found her in his arms once more.

Ohanian remarked, “We were all very, very happy.”

After all this time, Dottie’s family was not sure if the pup would recognize them, but it was immediately evident that she did.

Ohanian asserted that “There was never hesitation.

You may watch the scene where Dottie reunites with a family here:

Employees at the shelter were in tears as they saw the dog instantly unwind into her loved one’s touch.

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Ohanian remarked, “It was emotional for all of us. I think we were all in tears.”

What Dottie’s trip involved over the past five years remains a mystery. Although her family may never fully understand what transpired while she was away, they are simply happy that she is back home at this point.

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