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Chihuahua Jumps On Lap Of 100-Year-Old Woman To Mend Her Broken Heart

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Gucci, a senior pup, was part of a hoarding case. He lived with 22 other dogs. Johanna, a 100-year-old woman, came to the states in 1950 from Germany.

The two meet and it’s true love at first smooch. Johanna tells us in the video that when she met Gucci, he immediately jumped onto her lap and gave her the sweetest kisses.

The story began when Johanna’s dog Rocky passed away. While no dog is replaceable, Johanna was lonely. There was now a missing piece in her life and she wanted nothing more than the company of a pup who needed a loving home. She had faith that her doggy soulmate was out there somewhere.

Gucci, who is 11 years old, was surrendered to the shelter. Muttville, a rescue organization, picked him up knowing senior dogs are difficult to place. He came to Johanna as a potential match and the two of them haven’t looked back.

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