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Stray Dogs Stop A Woman’s Car, And She Can’t Just Drive Away

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A rescuer from Stray Furry Friends was driving along the road when some dogs approached to stop the vehicle. She couldn’t just ignore them and continue on, so she pulled over.

The woman always keeps kibble and other supplies on hand for instances such as this. She does what she can to help the tens of thousands of strays in her region by feeding, treating, vaccinating, and spaying and neutering the dogs. Every little bit helps, but we need more people like this to step forward and lend a hand. It makes a difference! 🙂

🐕 We are a small group of dog-loving people who decided to undertake this small project to help dogs that are abandoned in the streets. Using a % of the money raised from sales, we take care of feeding them and grant them a home to live in.

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Thanks so much for your support!
Much Love. ❤️

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