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Man Returns His Dog To The Shelter For Being ‘Too Affectionate’

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A guy took his dog to the shelter because she was too “affectionate” and that she “always wants to be by my side.” A bystander photographed Jubilee after hearing the conversation, but it would change her life dramatically. To be honest, there were a few additional factors behind bringing her back; the owner claimed his couch, baseboard, and cushion had been chewed by her.

Image/Story Source Credit: b/60 and Jubilee The Rescue Dog on Facebook via YouTube Video

Taking Jubilee back to the shelter, however, was probably the nicest thing he could have done for her. The dog had some anxiety issues that needed to be addressed, and he wasn’t the one who would be able to assist her with them. But she’d soon discover someone who could help her with that. This is the photo that went viral and saved Jubilee’s life in the process.

Image/Story Source Credit: b/60 and Jubilee The Rescue Dog on Facebook via YouTube Video

We LOVE happy endings for these types of rescue stories, and thankfully, she has found a wonderful forever home with a family where she will get all the love she deserves!

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