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Rescue pit bull defends family from burglar, restrains him until police arrive

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Sometimes when you rescue a dog, they return the favor. Rescue dogs can be some of the most loyal and protective animals, always willing to step up to defend their loved ones.

That was the case recently, after one rescue pit bull protected his family by restraining a burglar, helping the police to make an arrest.

Leroy Rucker, from Altoona, Pennsylvania, is the owner of a 9-year-old pit bull named Spuds. On March 24, the man and dog were hanging out at home watching TV together when an unwanted visitor entered the home.

When the alleged burglar entered their home, both Leroy and his loyal dog Spuds jumped into action, according to WJAC.

As Leroy and his family tried to restrain the burglar, Spuds instinctively stepped up to help protect his loved ones.

“He was coming to hang out with dad. That’s all I can say. He sees me fighting, he wants to fight,” Leroy told WJAC.

The sight of the protective pit bull apparently intimidated the intruder, allowing them to restrain him for 20 minutes until police arrived to make an arrest: “He listened better when the dog was right there present, you know what I mean,” Leroy said.

The alleged burglar was identified as 53-year-old Robert Burke Jr., who was arraigned on charges of burglary, criminal trespass, simple assault and harassment. He has posted a $50,000 bail ahead of a May 13 court date.

Justice was served, all thanks to this fiercely protective pit bull.

“Spuds is very protective of his family. He knows good and bad, and that’s what dogs are supposed to do,” local garbageman Steven Rightenour told WJAC.

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The owner says that Spuds’ actions show how much he loves his family.

Spuds definitely saved the day, protecting his family from a burglar and helping to get him off the streets. He definitely deserves a big steak!

It’s a reminder of how loyal and caring rescue dogs can be to their families. Share this story!

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