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Man Creates Food And Water Dispenser For Stray Dogs

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Videos of random acts of kindness must be the one type of content on the internet that moves people’s hearts. We frequently witness citizens taking action and caring for not only other people but even animals. One such deed has recently gained popularity among internet users.

A man created a food and water dispenser to aid the stray dogs in his neighborhood. Not only was the installation charitable, but it was also quite creative. User @Thund3rB0lt posted the video of this endearing moment on Twitter, where it quickly gained popularity.

The video was shared on August 13 and has received over 2.9 million views and 105k likes. Two pipes are put at a building’s corner in the little video. While one pipe was filled with water, the other was filled with dog food. The pipe’s design ensured that it was always filled and did not become empty for the stray animals. The caption for the video said, “Guy makes a food and water dispenser for stray dogs. Honor and Kindness.”

Twitter users praised the brilliant concept and how straightforward it can be to feed stray dogs with this device. “What an absolutely genius idea….this could equally work for kitties as well. He should patent this and sell it to local communities to be installed on all municipal buildings,” another user wrote. Another user remarked, “This is so cool,” and another concurred, “Such a simple system too!”

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