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Abandoned Dog Bites Rescuer’s Hand Out Of Fear, But The Rescuer Doesn’t Give Up

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“Hope For Paws,” a rescue group, set out to save an abandoned dog named Jax when they heard he was injured and limping along busy streets. Rescuers JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick set out to bring him to safety.

Jax was terrified of strangers, so he fled into the vast city. The rescuers were able to capture him in a garage after an hour of chasing.

Image/Story Source Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

The rescuers in this video are trying to get Jax, who is hiding under a car, to come out. Since they didn’t bring a gentle snare for the rescue, JoAnn decided to reach her arm underneath the car to get to Jax.

Jax, on the other hand, was too frightened to greet the rescue team. When he discovered the search leash around his neck, Jax became terrified. He scurried hither and thither while snap-backing at JoAnn, injuring her hand in the process. Jax has always been a tough customer, but JoAnn never backs down from a challenge. She presented her bravest face and soldiered on until she finally managed to trap him.

Image/Story Source Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

Once Jax found himself at the vet’s, he calmed down upon realizing that he was surrounded by well-meaning people. He was the sweetest little munchkin as he got a de-stressing bath.

However, his medical examination revealed the real cause behind his limping, and it was pretty tragic.

Image/Story Source Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

Jax was born with a rare deformity in one of his hind legs where the bones never developed normally. His non-functional limb had to be amputated, which made him less sought after as a special needs pup.

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