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Piano-Playing Rescue Beagle Gets His Human Sister To Dance

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Is there anything better than dog and baby interactions? Just give me two pairs of big, curious eyes and some unspoken love and I’m done for. When it comes to this category, the cuteness in the dynamic entertainment duo of a singing, piano-playing Beagle/Basset Hound mix and his human baby sister is tough to beat.

Buddy Mercury, named of course after the famous Freddie Mercury of ‘Queen’ fame, has a true Cinderella story. He was adopted from a shelter and fortuitously brought back to a home with a piano in it. Through his own accord, he started to jump up and play the keys, howling along to the music. He really lives up to his namesake!

Now the singing pianist pup is an internet sensation.

Buddy Mercury’s people parents told Bored Panda how lucky they are to have this furry little musician in their lives.

“He is one of the kindest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. He absolutely loves people. But he also loves other animals. Even cats! He gets along with everyone. He’s a little love.”

Buddy’s YouTube channel is a magical place, but one particularly video almost stopped my dang heart. It shows Buddy, pounding on the keys and howling as his tiny human sister does a supportive and enthusiastic jig in the background.

Apparently, this dog just can’t get enough of making music.

“Buddy Mercury plays his piano daily! Many times multiple times per day. He would like to inspire other animals and children all over the world about the joy of music and to always let your creative juices flow.”

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Buddy’s such a talented canine musician, his story was even featured in People magazine.

“We feel he plays his tunes not only for the love of music, and his family but as a call to action for others to consider rescuing an animal. There are so many out there in need of a good, loving and happy home. ”

Seriously, this guy should be playing concert halls, or at the very least fancy cocktail bars. Look how well he rocks a bow tie!

On Buddy’s website, visitors can purchase merchandise or original music. The family then kindly donates a percentage of every purchase directly to shelters to save other animals like him.

“This dog’s mission is simple – bringing joy, laughter and pawsitivity to the world through the love of music, and helping more furry friends to be rescued. Why shop, when you can adopt?”

Just thinking of all the future superstars still living in shelters makes me wish I had a bigger yard and a few extra hands.

If you want to send a fan letter to Buddy Mercury (or his little sis, via him) you can reach him via email: [email protected].

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