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Anonymous Man Saves Battered Puppy & Finally Comes Forward To Collect His ‘Reward’

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We live in a world full of people. Some are good and some people have no empathy or compassion. The article starts off with a story about a callous employee that fired a person that needed the job to care for the patient who shared their heart problem with them over coffee.

Crossing a bridge on an ordinary evening, Bob Hoelter heard whimpering sounds. Listening more closely, he realized the cries sounded desperate and decided to go under the bridge to try and find the source of these cries.

A distressed pup was found. The worst part, his mouth was taped shut.

Bob found an innocent, duct-taped puppy thrown from a bridge. After seeking emergency help at Griffith Animal Hospital, the pup received treatment for damaged skin and tissue caused by duct tape, pain medication, and antibiotics.

They then treated him for a broken leg. He would need surgery for that.

Image Source: ZooLand/YouTube

They set him up in a nice kennel with a cozy bed. The story of the puppy went viral. When Bob dropped the pup off, he never gave the vet staff his name. He was just focused on getting the little guy help and the staff was focused on saving his life. The puppy found a forever home but everyone was wondering if Bob would ever come forward.

Bob is a hero, who knows this because a family member was browsing social media when he saw a story about his actions.

Image Source: ZooLand/YouTube

Bob decided to go visit Louie, his best buddy’s puppy that he rescued. Louie was scared at first but then showed that he’s got an enormous heart when Bob saved his life.

Image Source: ZooLand/YouTube

When Louie saw Bob, the pup could not stop thanking him by giving hugs and kisses!

WATCH this heartwarming story about Louis the puppy. Be sure to pass this onto a friend or family member!

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