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Miracle Dog Survives 4 Days On Frigid River After Coyote Chase

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A 1-year-old dog named Alfonso by rescuers has defied all odds. This “miracle dog” reportedly spent four days on the frigid Detroit River after being chased by coyotes. Officials found him in critical condition and rushed him to a vet for immediate care.

Alfonso suffered from multiple severe injuries, but he is refusing to give up. He has received an immense amount of support and donations, which only encourage him to fight harder. Every day, this brave little pup shows the world that he’s not going down that easily by making major improvements. There’s nothing Alfonso can’t do!

Image: Patricia Muccianti Odette Facebook

A Miracle Dog

Jude Mead of J&J Marine found Alfonso on the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario. The pup was essentially frozen, but Mead knew he had a chance. So, people from both the Canadian and American sides of the river stepped in to help.

The poor pup suffered from frostbite on his paws and scrotum. He also faced dehydration and pancreatitis. He was taken to the Woodhaven Animal Hospital in Michigan for emergency care.

Image: Patricia Muccianti Odette Facebook

“He’s a very sick dog right now, so we are certainly not out of the woods,” said Dr. Lucretia Greear. “We’re going to use the hyperbaric chamber, we have him on IV fluids, antibiotics, and we’re basically doing everything we can to bring him to 100%.”

When he was rescued, Alfonso’s hair was covered in dense mats, which can be extremely painful. Yet, vets suspect that this unmanaged coat helped protect him from freezing to death. They have since shaved his hair down to help it regrow to a healthy condition.

Image: Patricia Muccianti Odette Facebook

Fighting for His Life

Alfonso is improving every day. He has been walking on his own again, and vets are surprised by how happy and confident he is around people. They have tried to find his family, but he has no tags or microchip, so they’re unsure what his past was like. All they know is that he’s very loving and doesn’t like to be left alone.

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“He’s a very sweet, very affectionate, wonderful-temperament dog.” Greear said. “He is looking for companionship more than anything. He seems so confident to be around people which is really sweet.”

Image: Patricia Muccianti Odette Facebook

The miracle puppy has now come out of the hyperbaric chamber and his pancreatic values are improving. Supporters have already raised over $10,000 to help cover his medical expenses. If his humans don’t come forward, he will be put up for adoption through the River Rough Animal Shelter. Then, he’ll finally get a warm, nurturing home, where he’ll be showered with endless love.

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