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Napping Woman’s Pint-Sized Terriers Chase Life-Threatening Intruder From Home

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DeeDee Mueller was feeling sleepy recently, and she decided to lay down for a Sunday afternoon nap. As she dozed off, a few hours went by and DeeDee heard her two small dogs barking up a storm. She had no idea what her pups were yapping at, but there was an uninvited guest who made his way into the home through an open door. Her outdoor surveillance camera later revealed what happened and how the uninvited guest got in, but at the time, the dog mom had no clue what was going on.

Her two tiny and loud Terriers, Mei Mei and Squirt, started barking like crazy and would not stop. Based on the incessant barking, DeeDee knew something was wrong. The uninvited guest turned out to be a huge 2- to 3-year-old bear who appeared confused when he wandered into the woman’s home. “You could tell the bear looked nervous inside the house,” Mueller shared. “Actually, he (went) into another pond on the other side of the yard but got chased away by the dogs again.”

Source: Deedee Mueller/YouTube

The bear was confused but hungry as he spent a lot of time near DeeDee’s refrigerator. At one point, the huge bear reacts to something and then leaves the house as quickly as he appeared. Without warning, the pint-sized Terriers are seen charging at the bear as the big animal exits the property. For a few moments, the bear looks back and stares at the house, but then continues away from the area. The Terriers, however, stood their ground, kept barking, and scared the bear away.

Source: Deedee Mueller/YouTube

DeeDee uploaded the video to YouTube and said, “Young bear visited our Pasadena hillside home and ventured into the house through open kitchen door. Our two small terriers Squirt and Mei Mei said NO.”

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To see these brave dogs in action and the bear wandering around, press play on the video below. Good job, you two!

Source: Deedee Mueller/YouTube
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