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Woman Found Puppy Abandoned In Airport Bathroom And Reads Owner’s Note About Boyfriend’s Abuse

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When Chewy’s mom could not take her ex-boyfriend abusing Chewy anymore, she took the heartbreaking decision of abandoning him in an airport bathroom with a note attached to him.

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Chewy is a 3-month-old Miniature Chihuahua, whose mom was in the Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, escaping from her abusive boyfriend. Unfortunately, she couldn’t afford to get Chewy on the flight, and as per her note, leaving him in the bathroom was her only option.

Chewy’s mom didn’t want him to suffer at the hands of her boyfriend anymore. The abusive boyfriend even kicked Chewy on the head, leaving him with a big knot on his head. His mom hoped the person who would find him would be able to take care of him. She says she loves him with all her heart and hopes he finds a loving new home.

YouTube/Inside Edition

Chewy ended up at Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue and is now doing well. He’s garnered tons of attention and interest and will be in a forever home soon. We hope his mom got out of the abusive relationship and is doing well herself.

Click the video below to watch Chewy’s incredible story.

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