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Police officers save dog from hot car after owner’s death

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It’s summer, and as temperatures rise it’s important to stay safe from the heat — and keep your pets safe as well. Dogs are especially susceptible to heat stroke due to being left in hot cars by their owners.

Every year there are multiple reported cases of hot car deaths, but in other cases good samaritan bystanders or police officers come to the rescue. That was the case recently, after a dog was left in a hot car after his owner was killed, and two officers came to the rescue.

On Wednesday, July 14, 33-year-old Tanner L. Stichka from Springfield, Missouri was shot outside a Walmart Neighborhood Market. Emergency workers arrived on the scene, but he died after succumbing to his injuries, the Springfield Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Police arrested a suspect, Robert D. Weiser of Bentonville, Arizona, for second degree murder.

Officers notified the next of kin. But the tragic, fatal shooting case took an unexpected turn for the officers an hour and a half later, when they got a call about a different family member of the victim.

They found out that Stichka’s dog, Zeke, who ended up left alone in a hot car after his owner’s death.

Officers arrived on the scene to help the poor dog. “When officers arrived, the door was unlocked and they were able to remove him and transport him to a local vet,” the department wrote.

SPD Officer Victoria Myers stayed with Zeke while he was checked out, and in another heartwarming gesture a good samaritan even offered up $100 for the dog’s care.

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The whole day must’ve been quite an ordeal for Zeke, but he seemed happy riding in the police car, as if he knew he was in safe hands.

The police say that Zeke is “doing well,” and after spending the night at the vet’s office he was picked up by family.

It’s a sad situation and losing anyone to gun violence is a heartbreaking tragedy, but it might be a consolation for the family to have the victim’s dog back safe and sound.

Thank you to these officers for going above-and-beyond in this case to help this poor dog get to safety.

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