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Puppy goes viral for looking like cross between a dog and a cat

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People often ask “are you a cat person or a dog person?” as if you can only choose one. But of course, many animal lovers have room in their heart for both.

But if you can only handle one pet, sometimes you have to choose one or the other… or do you?

It turns out, there’s one animal who somehow manages to have the best of both worlds, looking strangely like a cross between a cat and a dog:

This unusual little guy looks a bit like he has a dog’s face on a cat’s body with maybe a hint of fox—and people online are saying he seems to change from cat to dog depending on the photo:

“Do you want a cat or a dog? YES,” one Reddit user joked.

“Corgi mixed with a British short hair cat,” another said.

But if you guessed “dog,” you’re correct: this little pup is named Dúi, and his unique look comes from a mix of rare breeds.

He lives in Vietnam with his owners Hai Anh and Tuan. “He is a mix of a native dog breed [Hmong] and a short-legged dog called Dingo,” Hai Anh told The Dodo. “But I think he might have a gene mutation too.”

Not only does he look like a cat-dog, he also has some hilariously weird expressions:

So it’s no surprise that Dúi has become an online sensation, both in his native country and beyond.

“It’s been only 5 days since we created Dúi’s fan page and it now has more than 40K likes,” Hai Anh said. “The dog now has loads of fans both in Vietnam and around the world.”

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His Facebook page currently has over 232,000 followers—you can see why he’s so happy.

Despite his celebrity status and unique look, Dúi is just a normal, happy dog.

He likes playing with both humans and dog friends,” Hai Anh told Bored Panda. “He is really sweet and funny!”

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