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Loyal Dog Protects Missing 4-Year-Old For 2 Days

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4-year-old Evelyn Sides, who goes by Vadie, was lost in the woods in Alabama after wandering away from her nanny. She hadn’t realized how far she’d ran until it was too late. Nothing looked familiar and her nanny was nowhere to be found.

Luckily, Vadie had someone by her side to keep her company. Her hound dog Lucy had followed her, determined to keep her away from danger. Vadie and Lucy were lost for at least two days, but the brave dog did everything she could to protect her human. Thanks to Lucy, Vadie stayed safe throughout the entire adventure.

Image: @LeeCountySheriffsOfficeInvestigationsPage/Facebook

The Search for Vadie

Law enforcement began the search immediately, and many kind volunteers stepped forward to help. They were told to keep an eye out for a girl that is “3′ tall and weighs 40 pounds. She has red hair and was wearing a blue print dress with green flower patterns. She may be accompanied by a hound dog, reddish in color with a collar.”

Vadie and her nanny had been walking Lucy when Vadie ran off. Her nanny said that she just seemed to disappear. However, Lucy was quick to make sure Vadie wasn’t alone.

Image: @elizabethwhitenews/Facebook

Hundreds of people arrived at the scene. Law enforcement used drones, horses, and even helicopters to assist with the search. After searching for 2 nights, Vadie was finally found. She was within a mile from where she was last seen, and Lucy was right by her side.

As the rescuers approached, Lucy barked to alert them where Vadie was. She took very good care of the little girl, and there are even rumors that she fought off two snakes for Vadie!

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“I do not have enough words to express the proper gratitude to all of our community that came out to help us find this little angel,” Vadie’s mom, Amanda Sides, wrote on Facebook.

Image: @elizabethwhitenews/Facebook

Vadie is Safe!

Currently, Vadie is in the hospital recovering from her adventure. She seems perfectly content despite all she’s been through. Her mom even posted a video on Facebook of Vadie telling her side of the story.

“When Nanny decided, let’s go take a walk, and we took a walk, but then I got too fast and got running and got lost. Then I started calling for Nanny, but Nanny was too far,” Vadie explained.

Image: @elizabethwhitenews/Facebook

Vadie said that she and Lucy got separated for a little bit, but the dog soon found her again. They slept near the road together, and when they went to sleep the second time, they were found not long after.

Lucy is now home safely. She’s eagerly waiting for Vadie to be healthy enough to come home too. Lucy was a very brave dog, and she knew how important that little girl was. So, she stuck by her side no matter what. This good dog deserves plenty of treats and love!
Watch Vadie Tell Her Story Here:

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