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Boy Thought His Lost Dog Was Gone For Good, Comes Home And Sees Him Waiting

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It has to be one of the worst and most helpless feelings in the world to know your dog is lost out there somewhere all alone. And as dog lovers, we hope we never have to experience that. But one 10-year-old boy had to, and at one point he even had to wonder if Bruiser was gone forever.

Over two months ago, Bruiser had run off chasing after a rabbit and never came back. But Tyler would receive the surprise of a lifetime one day after school. Mom and Dad had the camera rolling when he walked through that door, and he couldn’t believe his own eyes!

Source: NDK-Ed/YouTube

Bruiser ran right at him, and the emotional and sweet reunion was underway. Thanks to the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, a boy and his dog are now back together where they belong! 🙂

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