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Growling Pit Bull Wasn’t Allowed To Be Adopted, Dog-Lover Made It Her Mission

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Sioux City, like other United States cities, had a strict ban on Pit Bulls. When Pits were discovered in city shelters, they were put in the back because they weren’t available for adoption. Angel was a Pit Bull with a bad reputation who had a nasty habit of displaying her teeth. She would also growl if people got too close to her.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube

Then a Karma rescue volunteer came to the shelter. She was brokenhearted when she learned Angel would be euthanized in a few days. Something had to be done. A behavioral specialist friend of hers came to meet Angel and took her out for a walk.

The volunteer wanted to save Angel. But the ban in the city made this impossible. She couldn’t adopt Angel herself and all the other rescues were at capacity with so many Pit Bulls. The rescuer took her out of the shelter and said she would spend some time with her and then take her to the vet to be put down. During this time she also sent one last text to Hug Hearts Foundation in Los Angeles.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube

She explained to the rescue group that Angel was being put down in a little over an hour and that’s when the person on the phone said, “We will take her!”

The Pit Bull was flown to Los Angeles. They trained and socialized her during the next few weeks. The Pit Bull ban in Sioux City was unexpectedly canceled! It appears that more and more cities are catching on, and learning, that it’s not the breed that matters but rather how those dogs are treated.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube

Angel’s story continues to amaze us. We are ecstatic she was saved in time. ALL dogs deserve a good home, and all of the love in the world to go with it . Angel’s tale may be seen by scrolling down. Thank you to The Dodo for raising awareness about such a wonderful breed.

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