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Little Boy’s Dog Has Been Missing For A Month, When Mom Calls Her Son Over

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Boy Devastated Over Missing Dog, But His Heart Stops When Mom Calls Him Over

Every kid growing up with a pet forms the most unconditional bond of love with their tiny fur-ball. And there are no words to express the amount of torment and suffering kids experience when they lose that pet.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

The little boy in this video had a tough time for the past couple of weeks. His beloved dog, named Kase, had been missing for a month. The boy was devastated and had been spending all of his time looking for Kase, hoping that he was somewhere safe.

In the beginning of this video, the boy is visibly worried when Mom calls out to him. He puts his jacket on and walks towards Mom, when he notices that she is hiding something. The boy’s eyes widen with surprise when Mom brings out a puppy and asks, “Who is that?”

It is Kase! The little boy’s eyes overflow with heavy tears as he grabs his best buddy and breaks down. Poor kid! He just can’t stop weeping as he hugs Kase in a tight embrace and promises to never let him go. He must have missed him so much! What a sweet happy ending!

Click the video below to watch this tear-jerking reunion between Kase and the little boy!

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