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Old Dog Moved To Shelter After Owner’s Death, Tucks Himself & Cries To Sleep Daily

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The Humane Society in Quincy, Michigan, recently took in a senior Chihuahua named Scooter who had just lost his lifelong owner. The bereaved dog remains unusually quiet in the shelter. However, it is his haunting bedtime routine that’s breaking everyone’s hearts.

Source: Humane Society of Branch County/Facebook

Every night, Scooter tucks himself in just like his owner used to do. After he is fully cloaked in his cherished star blanket, he just breaks down and cries himself to sleep. He not only misses his owner, but is also scared of what lies ahead for him.

In a last-ditch attempt to help Scooter, the shelter workers have shared a picture of Scooter’s nightly ritual on Facebook. It is sad to note that many senior dogs who lose their owners have to face this grueling fate. They need love to heal themselves but nobody wants them. Share Scooter’s heart-wrenching story and help him find a new home.

Source: Humane Society of Branch County/Facebook

Update: Scooter’s post tugged at many hearts across the world. Adoption applications dropped in from places as far as Italy. Eventually, the shelter chose a local woman named Jessica Howard to adopt Scooter. Jessica is a loyal rescuer who has rescued many dogs before. She promises to help Scooter live comfortably in his senior years.

Source: Scooter’s Rescue/Facebook

Scooter is still dealing with a lot of emotional pain, but with love from Jessica and his new siblings, he is gradually coming out of his shell to embrace his new life. Lately, he has been dozing off peacefully, as the nightmare of loneliness doesn’t bother him as much!

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