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Little Girl Wanted The Dog Who Was Shaking & Hiding At The Back Of The Shelter

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A sick Pit Bull would shiver 24/7 when she was first brought to the shelter. She had the distinct putrid stench of mange emanating from her tender skin. Her feet were swollen from staph infection and her crusty eyes were filled with infectious goop. Considering her severely diseased state, it was likely that she had to be euthanized.

The shelter didn’t give the dying Pit Bull a name, and she began spending her time hiding at the back of her isolated kennel. One day, a woman named Audra Spurio walked in to adopt a furry companion for her 2-year-old daughter Gigi (fondly called G). The Pit Bull thought she was invisible to the rest of the world, but Gigi spotted her and pointed her finger at her saying “Mommy, that one.”

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

Gigi kept tugging at Audra’s jacket until she took her to the pitiful Pit Bull. Gigi was overwhelmed with empathy as she sensed the dog’s depleting vitality and petted her with love. Even when Audra showed other dogs to Gigi, the little girl returned to the sick Pittie 3 times, and eventually pleaded, “Let the doggy out, need help.”

By then, the Pit Bull was equally besotted with Gigi. The workers took her out of the kennel, cleaned her up and let her play with Gigi in the yard. It was love at first sight for the duo as they played with each other for hours. The Pit Bull would instinctively stick with Gigi all the time, and Gigi would keep reminding Audra that the “sick doggie” needed help.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

Audra was reluctant to adopt such a diseased dog, but Gigi had grown too protective of the poor creature by then. She cried begging mommy to help the pooch, while the Pit Bull resumed shaking uncontrollably every time she was separated from Gigi.

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Audra gave in to Gigi’s earnest pleas and ended up adopting the Pit Bull, whom she named Scarlett. After facing euthanasia at the shelter, the sick dog finally got to go home! Within one week of having a home, Scarlett’s health began improving! She would spend every waking minute with Gigi and never leave her out of her sight.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

With time, Scarlett recovered and blossomed into Gigi’s faithful friend – and it was all because of Gigi’s dedication to save her. This awesome duo now spends their days playing and having a good old time in the house and their yard! Gigi’s beautiful soul gleams in this heartwarming video, and we’re so proud of her!

Click the video below to watch how Gigi sensed Scarlett’s suffering and convinced her mom to adopt the sick Pit Bull.

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