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Video Captures Heroic Dog Mom Rescuing Pit Bull From Frozen Pool

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What lengths would you go to to save your dog’s life? One Tennessee woman didn’t even have to think twice when faced with that question. Jennie Tatum put all her fears and discomforts aside when her dog was at risk of death.

Tatum’s Pit Bull named Sid fell through the ice of a frozen pool, and Tatum rushed into action. She jumped in, broke the ice, and pulled Sid to safety. If she hadn’t acted fast, poor Sid might not be alive today. Tatum is a hero for humans and dogs alike!

Image: @sid_the_pittie/Instagram

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Playtime Gone Wrong

Sid was running around outside with his canine brother Olaf. It was all fun and games until Sid took a wrong turn. They ran into the snow-covered backyard, where the family’s uncovered pool had a layer of ice. Without thinking, Sid jumped toward the pool as Olaf chased him. Before anyone could react, Sid fell beneath the ice and didn’t come back up.

Tatum saw the horrific event from inside, so she bolted out toward the pool. Without hesitation, she jumped into the pool where Sid had fallen. She broke the surrounding ice, but the pup was nowhere to be found.

Image: @sid_the_pittie/Instagram

“It was pure adrenaline. I was not thinking about being cold,” said Tatum.

When Tatum couldn’t find the 50-pound dog, she hopped back out of the pool and ran to the other side to get a better look. From there, she could see Sid’s silhouette beneath the ice. She rushed back over to him, pulled him out of the pool, and carried him into the warm house. As it turns out, her quick-thinking might’ve saved his life.

Image: @sid_the_pittie/Instagram

A Dramatic Rescue

Fortunately for Tatum, her neighbor is a vet. Tennessee isn’t used to getting that much snow, so many roads were closed down. Thus, if vet April Smith hadn’t been able to help, the chances of getting Sid emergency care would’ve been slim.

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Sid had been under the water for at least 60 seconds. His lips and tongue were unnaturally blue. He was barely conscious when he was pulled out, so Smith had to administer an emergency shot. She also said that while Sid likely held his breath at first, he still desperately needed oxygen to heal. In this event, every second mattered, and Tatum saved his life.

“I don’t think this dog had another minute based on his symptoms,” said Smith.

Image: @sid_the_pittie/Instagram

Sid is one lucky dog. He survived a situation that many other dogs haven’t, and it’s all thanks to his loyal mom. Now, Sid has fully recovered and is happily playing with toys as usual. However, he now avoids the pool at all costs, even now that the snow has melted. While many have called Tatum a hero, she says she just did what any dog lover would do. And she’d do the same for any dog in danger.

Tatum doesn’t have a cover for the pool because she says they keep it open year-round. The pipe that prevents the pool from icing over happened to break not long before this terrifying situation. Now, the family released the video footage as a cautionary tale for other dog parents.

Watch the Incredible Footage Here:

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