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Loyal Dog Comforts Sick Dad Until The Very End

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There is no doubt that our pets love and appreciate us for everything that we do for them. And when we adopt them from local shelters or fosters, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that they are eternally grateful to us and have their way of showing it. They easily become our best friends and part of our family.

Benny was a rescue, saved from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. His family in Washington adopted him a year and a half ago. His adoptive father, Scott Ballenger, became Benny’s best friend, and the pair were inseparable since his arrival.


According to The Dodo, Ballenger’s daughter, Alexis Nazarino, said, “Benny was unsure of men and we don’t know his background, but he loved my dad and heard his car coming even before [Benny’s] mom did after work.”


Regardless of his fears concerning others, Benny was never short of devoted to his dad. Ballenger and his girlfriend brought Benny everywhere with them. There is no way that Ballenger could’ve loved Benny anymore, and for Benny, the feeling was very mutual.


They were a happy pair until Ballenger was admitted to the hospital on the 29th of August, following a serious condition. Naturally, the little dog was confused as to where his dad had gone. Benny’s family brought him to the hospital to visit Ballenger, and that was exactly where Benny wanted to stay: right by his dad’s side.


“Benny would sniff his head and face but was really unsure what was going on,” Nazarino said. “He would sit with dad for a few minutes here and there.”

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At one point, something changed, almost as if Benny could sense just how sick Ballenger was – it was then that Benny refused to leave his side.

Benny sat beside his owner all day and into the night, his head gently resting on his dad’s arm.


Sadly, the following day, Ballenger passed away.

After the year and a half that they spent together, Benny somehow knew that his time with his favorite person was ending. And it is just so heartbreaking how he wanted to be there for him.


“True love,” Nazarino commented.

Benny has taken the death very hard. He continues to search for Ballenger during the day and cries for him during the night. His mom and the rest of Ballenger’s family are all there for him, getting him through the tough time with loads of affection and love.

Even though Benny misses his dad, his family is happy and thankful that he got to spend the last day there with him, showing Ballenger just how much he loves him.

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