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Dad Builds A Very “Special Solution” For His Rescue Dog Overwhelmed By Anxiety

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Sean Farrell is an absolute dog-lover — and once you see what he has done for his pack at home, you’ll realize how deep that love goes.

When Sean met Sgt. Buster, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he was just his foster dad. But then the two clicked and he realized that he had to keep the pup as a permanent member of his pack.

“I’ve had him just over 2 years,” Sean explained via InspireMore. “He’s not had the best life and that changed the day I met him. Initially, I was only supposed to foster him but I fell in love, and we [both] knew we were meant to be together.”

Unfortunately, like many rescues, Buster suffers from some various anxieties and fears that developed during his former life. Buster in particular doesn’t like men aside from Sean, he has trust issues, and his spikes of anxiety can be difficult for both the dog and the family to soothe.

However, Sean refuses to give up on him and will do everything in his power to help his new fur baby feel comfortable.

While at home, Buster hid in Sean’s bedroom, refusing to come out for anything but food. It was obvious he was fearful of his surroundings and needed a small, safe space to retreat to.

That’s when his dad had a brilliant idea: he’d make Buster his own bedroom.

“The boudoir was an idea to give Buster a cozy space of his own in the same room as me,” Sean said. “To really let him know he can be safe around me and feel secure in his little den at the same time. [After finishing it], he went in there almost instantly. It has been a few weeks now and he’s happy to sleep and hang out in his house.”

Although Sean didn’t have many carpentry skills, he was willing to learn for Buster. He did research online, spent $100 on supplies, and went to work.

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While he put the room together, Sean posted updates to his Facebook page (which is, of course, dedicated to his dogs Zook and Sgt. Buster). Along the way, he gained thousands of followers; people all over the world loved what he was willing to do for his anxious little pup!

Since Buster’s bedroom would be part of the family living room, Sean wanted it to blend in with the decor.

Even without experience, he was able to create an adorable and comfortable little home for his dog just using wood and ply board.

The doggy bedroom features a cooling fan, mood lighting, a digital photo frame to keep Buster occupied, and a small window that lets the nervous pooch keep an eye on what’s going on in the house around him.

Even before Sean was finished building the bedroom, Buster was eager to try it out!

Buster is sincerely one lucky pup — not many people would adopt a rescue dog with severe anxiety disorders, let alone go above and beyond the call of duty to make him comfortable at home!

Source: Zook & Sgt. Buster / Facebook

There needs to be more generous and kind people like Sean in the world. He opened up his heart and home to a dog in need, forever changing Buster’s life. Well done!

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