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Tiniest Warrior Still Fights After Massive Brain Injury & Needs All Our Prayers

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It is always disheartening to see any animal in pain. A young puppy, who was totally helpless, was found all alone on the ground. The exact details are unknown but the veterinarian was sure that she was either thrown or fell down from a high surface accidentally.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

When a Good Samaritan found the puppy, she called Nilobon Naknoi, which is a local rescue group. They immediately headed over. The puppy was crying from all the pain she was experiencing. They knew she had to get medical treatment immediately.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

She was brought to a vet clinic in Thailand. The doctor did a full exam and discovered she had fluid around her brain. Her injury was extensive with massive swelling. The vet gave her pain meds so she could rest.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

The next step was to drain the fluid. The puppy was such a trooper! She immediately felt better and was able to take in some puppy formula. The rescue group was also able to find her a medical foster so she could rest and recover in a loving environment.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

Each day, now, as the puppy gets stronger, she shows marked improvement. Because she’s so young, and her injury was so extensive, every day will be a fight for her survival. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to fight alone.

Source: AnimalSTEP Official

Rescue groups, like Nilobon Naknoi, are truly heroes. Their “capes” may be invisible but they are as courageous and thoughtful as they come! So many lives are being saved at this very moment by selfless volunteers. They do all they can for animals in need out of the kindness of their hearts. We applaud each and every one of them. Thank you to all the animal-loving heroes! The little puppy’s rescue video is posted below!

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Can we please send her prayers for a full recovery? Let’s pass this along so she gets as many prayers as possible!

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