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State Trooper Rescues Timid Puppy Dumped On Interstate

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Indiana State Police trooper Allison Marlowe arrived at a traffic jam on the interstate. She assumed it was caused by an accident, so she started looking for the aftermath. But then, she received a call about a puppy instead.

The innocent dog had been dumped on the busy road, and many cars stopped to rescue her. Yet, she found a hiding spot under a truck and was too scared to move. Luckily, Marlowe is experienced in dog rescues, so she rushed to save the terrified canine. Marlowe named the sweet puppy “Grace.”

Image: @isplowell2/Facebook

Nowhere to Go

A few witnesses explained that a person in a van dumped the innocent puppy on the side of the highway. Grace was incredibly skinny and showed other signs of neglect too. When people saw the puppy alone, they pulled over and tried to coax her away from traffic. Yet, she ran under a parked camper and hid just far enough so no one could reach her. Poor Grace had nowhere to go.

Bystanders did everything they could to help. They provided water for Grace, and one individual even used a belt to make a leash, but they still couldn’t get her to come out of hiding. When Marlowe arrived at the scene, the nearby traffic was at a standstill.

Marlowe considers herself a huge dog person. She had responded to another dog rescue call in the past, and since then, she’s always prepared with dog supplies. She knew that dog treats were the key to most dogs’ hearts.

Image: @isplowell2/Facebook

“I would not say every (trooper carries dog treats) but there’s a good amount of them that do,” Marlowe said. “I’m like, ‘dogs are going to be persuaded with food’ so I got some treats, a collar, and a leash … and it came in use.”

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Grace Deserves Love

Marlowe was able to lure Grace out from under the camper using some dog treats. The pup appeared malnourished and dehydrated but was in good spirits. Of course, Marlowe made sure to express her gratitude to all the kind strangers who gathered to help the canine.

“They were hanging out trying to help and they didn’t want to leave,” she said. “I was thankful for them.”

Image: @isplowell2/Facebook

Marlowe brought Grace to Lake County Animal Control. On the way there, she let the pup gobble up the rest of the dog treats. The traffic caused by this event was backed up for several miles, causing people to use the shoulders of the road. But once Grace was rescued, the road began to clear up.

Grace is estimated to be a large breed puppy between four and six months old. Animal control hasn’t shared any information about the dog’s health or adoption status at this time. However, it’s likely that she’ll find a loving home very soon after she’s up for adoption. After all, just look at her sweet face!

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