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Police Rescue Dog Tied To A Fence, And One Cop Adopts Him As His Own

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The Lawrence Police Department in Indiana was alerted to a situation where a dog was abandoned and left tied to a fence in a neighborhood. The Husky had little room to move on such a short leash, and it was obvious someone was trying to get rid of the dog for good and leave him to fend for himself.

Source: A&E/YouTube

The cops had no way to tell at first if the dog would respond aggressively or not, so they approached with caution. But the Husky was the friendliest and sweetest boy! The one officer really hit it off with the dog, and he started taking pictures to send to his wife to ask if they could keep him. 🙂

Source: A&E/YouTube

He would have to wait the four-day grace period to see if anyone stepped forward as the dog’s owner, but it was revealed on a later episode of Live PD that the cop ended up being able to adopt the Husky. Awesome! 😀

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