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Bob, ‘Britain’s loneliest dog,’ is still looking for a forever home after waiting two years in shelter

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There are so many dogs in shelters just waiting to find their forever home, but it takes some longer than others. Some dogs wait months or even years before they get adopted.

That is the case for one poor dog named Bob who has been waiting over two years in the shelter, watching as other dogs get adopted while he always gets passed by, and is now known as “Britain’s loneliest dog.”

But his friends at the shelter haven’t given up on him, and are hoping to bring his long search to a close by finding him the perfect forever home.

Bob is a Presa Canaria crossbreed, believed to be about four-years-old. But he’s spent half of his life in a shelter. He has been in the care of RSPCA Birmingham since April 2019, when he was found as an injured stray.

Bob is a good dog who has worked with trainers, and knows commands. But no one seems to want to take him home: he has now been available for adoption for over 770 days, with no takers.

“Time never seems to be on Bob’s side,” Jake Cowing of the RSPCA told The Mirror. “He’d only just become available for rehoming when lockdown hit and we had to close to the public.”

In those two years, he’s been rejected over 200 times, leading him to be dubbed “Britain’s loneliest dog.”

“Since Bob has been with us he’s seen 221 of our dogs go off to their new homes, but he’s still here waiting,” Jake said.

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Despite all the heartbreaking rejection, Bob is keeping his spirits up, and is described as an “absolute sweetheart.”

“He’s such a fabulous lad with a great character and I hope we can find him the right family,” Jake said. “While he may look like a big tough lad he’s actually a really sensitive soul.”

Part of the reason Bob hasn’t found the right family yet is that he needs a special kind of home. His adoption page says that he would be better in a home with no cats or other dogs, and without children.

But his friends at the RSPCA know that there is a perfect family out there for him that will give him the love and attention he needs. Bob deserves it after waiting for so long.

“Two years is a long, long time – and Bob has spent more than two thirds of his life in kennels,” Jake said. “While we’ve done the best for him, we desperately want to see him in a home of his own with someone who can give him the life he deserves.”

“He has overcome a tough past and is our champion, a survivor and our friend. He’s a big, silly clown who will change the life of his adopters. And anyone who takes him on will certainly change his.”

No dog should have to wait this long to find a home. We hope Bob gets adopted soon, and isn’t the “loneliest dog” anymore!

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