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This Couple Has So Many Rescued Dogs They Needed To Buy A Second Bed

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Do you let your dogs sleep on the bed with you?

For most of us dog lovers, our dogs sleep on the bed with us and they even occupy more space than we do! And that’s true for the couple featured in the video below!

Chris and Mariesa Hughes, a couple from New York, run the Mr. Mo Project–an organization dedicated in rescuing senior dogs.

Chris and Mariesa also adopted senior dogs of their own, seven dogs to be exact! Every dog they adopted had suffered some form of abuse. So the Hughes family opened their hearts and their home to give these dogs the love they deserve.

They love their dogs so much, they want them to be very comfortable; so they let them sleep on the bed. Now these dogs are not tiny breeds; they are mostly Pit Bulls or Greyhounds.

Source: Mr. Mo Project via The Dodo

So in order for everyone to fit, Chris and Mariesa had to buy a second bed!

Watch the video below for the full story! What an awesome couple!

You can help Chris and Mariesa rescue senior dogs by adopting or by giving a small donation to the Mr. Mo Project.

For more details about the Mr. Mo Project by visiting their website or by following them on Facebook!

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