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Golden Retriever Who’s Always Loved Puppies Finally Gets One Of His Own

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Golden Retrievers are known to be sweet, playful dogs, and Pork certainly lives up to that.

But something was always missing. Pork loves other dogs and really needed a brother or sister of his own. That’s when his owners finally decided to get him a new puppy sister!

Viral Paws/Youtube

Their owners brought the new puppy, named Teddy Sugar, home, and made sure to capture Pork and Teddy Sugar’s first meeting on video.

Pork starts off by smelling the new pup of the family, as Teddy Sugar quickly starts wagging her tail. Teddy Sugar may be much smaller than Pork, but she’s certainly not afraid of him. She leans in toward him to get some more sniffs while Pork does the same.

Viral Paws/Youtube

Then Pork goes right into play mode, pouncing all over the place. He’s clearly very excited to have a new little sister. Teddy Sister doesn’t hesitate to play back, and starts licking, nibbling and crawling all over Pork.

By the end of their first meeting, the two of them are so exhausted and curl up next to each other for a nap.

Viral Paws/Youtube

It’s obvious that these two are going to be the best of friends!

Watch their heartwarming meeting in the video below:

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