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Puppy’s lonely in shelter – until the firefighter who saved her from neglect brings her home

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Dogs always remember the people who are kind to them.

They’re capacity to remember kind people is shown in many ways. Your dog may enthusiastically greet you and your roommates at the door whenever you come home from work, or your neighbor’s dog might consistently say hi to you during his afternoon walk.

One man experienced this doggy gratitude more than anyone earlier this year.

In early October, a 3-month-old pit bull puppy named Chunk was tied to a tree and left out in the rain. It was cold, shivering and clearly suffering from mange.

A crew from the Sacramento fire department drove by the sad scene on the way to answer a call and was unable to stop and help the poor puppy. After responding to their call, one firefighter Mike Thawley remembered the young dog and wanted to go back to help. The crew doubled back, picked up Chunk and took her back to the firehouse.

Once she was safely out of the weather, the crew gave her a bath and plenty of cuddles to help warm her up. The mange was too bad for the fire crew to handle on their own. Her legs were swollen and she had lost most of her fur.

Recognizing that they couldn’t help her enough, the crew took her to the nearby Front Street Animal Shelter to receive further treatment and find a home.

The shelter staff immediately started to treat her mange and gave her some doggy clothes to help her stay warm until her fur grew back in. Firefighter Mike Thawley was unable to stop thinking about her and decided to return to the shelter the next day.

The puppy clearly remembered the firefighter and greeted him with much enthusiasm. Although she was sick and tired, her tail started wagging and she tried to lick his face. She followed him off-leash around the shelter for a while and it was clear that the two of them were very happy together.

Thawley claims that he fell in love with the Chunk.

He has returned to the shelter with his wife and kids so they could meet the puppy! The Sacramento Fire Department made a post about this saying that:

“Although Mike denies it, it appears by a vote of four to one that Chunk might wind up with a permanent home!”
The post seemed to have predicted the future. The Thawley family started the adoption process. The family had to wait four months for Chunk to complete her mange treatment and receive a full bill of health.

Front Street Animal Shelter spokesperson Bobby Mann commented on this story saying:

“I think what’s great about this whole story is that not only did this dog find its forever home, but had the opportunity to go to a foster home, which we’re always looking for at our shelter, to get happy and healthy.”
You can watch a video of Mike Thawley and Chunk at the shelter below!

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