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Dogs From The Same Litter Recognize Each Other When They Accidentally Meet On The Street

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What started as a regular walk for two cockapoo dogs suddenly became a family reunion of two long-lost siblings in the UK. One Twitter user shared photos that show the two sibling dogs happily hugging each other on the road after accidentally crossing paths during their walk. We would say that Twitter loved it as these photos now have 936.1K likes and 186K retweets.

This Twitter user shared a pic of how a family friend’s dog accidentally met her brother

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Libby Pincher recently shared photos sent by her dad, whose business partner Dave was out walking his one-year-old cockapoo Monty in Aycliffe, County Durham when he spotted fellow dog owners walking a similar-looking dog. In no time, the dogs had wrapped their paws around each other as if they were hugging. Seeing this, the owners started talking and realized that they were from the same litter, but were separated when they were adopted by different families.

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