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Abused puppy finds caring friend just when he needs one the most

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Dogs are so loving! Anyone who has or has had a dog knows that they have a special ability to understand when you need comfort. And is there anything more soothing than coming home after a hard day and getting kisses from your best friend?

But sometimes dogs themselves need comforting, too.

You might not know it, but dogs can feel empathy for other dogs. Just take Simon and Sammie, for example. They’re definitely proof that dogs can show love and care for each other.

Warning: the pictures below will be disturbing for many readers to see.

When 4-month-old puppy Sammie arrived at an animal shelter in South Carolina, he was in really rough shape. His owner had shot him in the head, spray-painted him with blue paint, and dragged him behind a car.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC brought him to New York, where animal hospital staffers were so shocked by Sammie’s condition that they didn’t know what to do with him.

YouCaring / Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Sammie had a serious head injury, two broken legs, and because he had gone untreated for some time, he had a high risk of infection.

YouCaring / Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Also being treated at the animal hospital was a dog named Simon. He had also been abused, but his injuries weren’t as serious as Sammie’s.

When Simon saw Sammie, he was immediately drawn to him. He placed one paw next to Sammie’s and sniffed gently at him. Sammie seemed relieved his company.

“Sammie accepted Simon’s touch and was grateful for the love and affection Simon showed him,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said.

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YouCaring / Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

The friendship between the two dogs continued and Simon visited his new friend again. They were both the victims of human cruelty and knew exactly what the other was going through.

YouCaring / Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Sammie’s recovery will take a long time. But when he gets healthy, he’ll be adopted into a new loving home.

Simon, whose injuries were less serious, has already found a new home. After several treatments, his skin healed and he has moved to a for-forever-home in New Jersey.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wants to share Sammie and Simon’s story to show everyone that dogs have feelings and compassion for each other, just like humans. Please share their story and let’s hope that one day soon no animal will have to suffer abuse again.

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