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Mother Dog Chases The Truck That Took Her Pups For Miles

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Dog rescuer Karlee was told of a situation where some puppies were living in a wood pile at a construction site that was actively being demolished. Locals had tried pulling the pups out, but they were too scared and didn’t trust humans. So Karlee arrived and set out some food and water, and the pups finally started approaching.

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

These rescuers were able to capture all of the pups, but they knew they must have a mother out here somewhere. So they’d return over the next few days to look for her. When they found her, she was even more skittish than her pups! But one community member who constantly fed her had a suggestion; He offered taking the pups saying that the mama would follow him.

So the man put them in his truck and started the journey to Karlee’s home. And it did the trick! Mama followed right behind for the 10-minute, multiple-mile trip as they stopped frequently to give her water breaks.

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

Now back at her house, she would have to work on luring the dog inside. After about a week, Mama was comfortable enough to go inside to relax. She was so happy to be with her little ones! This just shows the incredible will of a mother to go the distance and do anything necessary for her offspring. ?

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