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Golden Retriever & Cat Grow Up Together, Cuddle Every Chance They Get

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Duo Duo the Golden Retriever and his sidekick, Snowball the cat, of Guangzhou, China, have proven that friendship and love knows no species.

According to their owner, Mr. An, these two animals are always together, even when they’re sleeping. They share a very special bond and are undeniably inseparable!

Duo is always grooming Snowball, while Snowball wraps her little paws around Duo and hugs him tight. She even lays on top of him as if he was a comfy bed.

Luckily for us, Mr. An captured all of these heartwarming moments in pictures and videos for the world to see. After he learned just how many people loved his furry family members, he created a Doyin account for them, which is the Chinese equivalent of TikTok.

The account quickly garnered more than 143,000 followers, whose hearts melted at the adorable friendship between Duo and Snowball.

Watch them cuddling up to each other in the video below.

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