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Officer finds dog left alone in hot car and smashes window to save his life

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It’s still the summer, and it’s important to remain aware of the danger of hot car deaths. Leaving an animal alone in a car for even a few minutes leaves them extremely susceptible to heat stroke.

Sadly, there are still many cases like this every year, and many dogs die in hot cars. But thankfully, sometimes tragedy is averted.

On August 18, Officer Sherri Howard of the Miami Township Police, in Ohio, responded to a call about a puppy left alone in a vehicle.

It was an 86 degree summer day, which means it was even hotter inside the closed vehicle.

The dog was lying on the floor unresponsive. He is believed to have been in the car for an hour.

With no owner in sight, Officer Howard had to act fast, and resorted to the only option: shattering the window to get the dog free.

The pup was relieved to finally be free from the scorching car, and happily gulped up the water the officer gave him.

According to Miami Township Police, the dog wasn’t returned to its owner, but was instead given to animal control, who are handling the case.

Luckily this dog is safe now, but it’s easy to imagine how things could’ve gone gravely different.

“NEVER leave children or animals alone in a hot car,” police wrote. “They can’t get out of the car that gets hotter and hotter by the minute.”

It’s yet another sad case of a dog being left alone in a car. It’s a crucial reminder to remain vigilant about these cases — quick action can save a dog’s life!

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