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Shelter Dog With Cancer Finally Finds The Perfect Home

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Since August, a little Beagle named Pistachio has gone through a whirlwind of life changes. Everything was turned upside down when he was dropped off at an animal shelter in Ohio, and he’s experienced both highs and lows on his journey to find a family. He was diagnosed with cancer, but that hasn’t stopped the sweet pup from making the most out of life. He’s become a local celebrity and has learned there are a lot of perks to being a national super star. The best perk of all, however, didn’t come until two months after his diagnosis. With a long battle against cancer ahead of him, little Pistachio finally has a family to call his own.

When Pistachio first arrived at the shelter, one of the first things he did was go into surgery. He had an inguinal hernia, and a talented team of veterinary professionals successfully removed it. During the surgery, however, a veterinarian noticed a different kind of mass in Pistachio’s body. They performed a biopsy, and the results were the last thing anyone wanted to hear. Pistachio had cancer.

His specific kind of cancer, lymphoma, is one of the most common cancers in dogs. It attacks the lymph nodes and often spreads to other organs. While chemotherapy is a viable treatment option, dogs diagnosed with lymphoma are given months, sometimes years to live. Lymphoma is a merciless disease that almost always comes back, and shelter staff was heartbroken to realize their happy-go-lucky Pistachio wouldn’t grow old like every dog should.

Despite the devastating news, everyone who knew Pistachio was determined to help. He was transferred to Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter where there was more kennel space, and veterinarians started him on a chemotherapy treatment. He responded well, and he’s been happily playing with other dogs and meeting new people. His spunky, caring personality is impossible not to love, and it didn’t take long for his story to catch the country’s attention.

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First, Pistachio appeared on Fox 8. From there, his fame grew, and he met the original DOGG himself, Snoop Dogg. Pistachio also appeared on the Hallmark Channel along with several other news stations, and he was treated to special days out and regular doggy play sessions. He even dressed up for Halloween as the happiest Eeyore anyone has ever seen.

He was having a great time with his shelter buddies and receiving the best medical care, but there was something missing. Pistachio didn’t want to spend his time left in a shelter. He needed a home, and he waited patiently for the perfect person to find him.

That perfect person finally walked into the shelter a few days ago. According to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter Facebook page, Pistachio officially has a new mom and a new canine sister. He’ll continue his treatment to keep the cancer at bay, and he’ll do everything else furry family members are meant to do. He left this message for his fans on Facebook,

“I’ll try and keep in touch now and then, but if you don’t hear from me, just know I’m out there living my best life with my new family. Thanks for being on this amazing journey with me and all of your support. And don’t forget, I’m leaving behind some pretty awesome shelter brothers and sisters who could use a new home too.”

Pistachio has had the time of his life being on TV and meeting celebrities, but nothing compares to having a home. His new family is happy to show him just how amazing life can be.

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