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Rescue dog finally finds his forever home after 7 years in a shelter

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All shelter dogs are just longing to be adopted, but the sad reality is that some have to wait longer than others.

Some poor dogs spend years in shelters, watching as other pets leave and wondering when it will be their time to find a forever home.

But for one dog, the long wait is finally over, thanks to the hard work of the shelter and some kindhearted adopters.

Meet Brooklyn, a happy, playful dog who spent much of her life at Hamilton Township Animal Shelter & Adoption Center.

Brooklyn was among the shelter’s longest serving residents: despite having a good heart, it was hard to find just the right home for this dog.

“Brooklyn needs a quiet home, with a dog-savvy person,” the shelter wrote. “She is very selective with people and needs a home without children or frequent visitors.”

“Brooklyn deserves a chance to have a life that doesn’t involve her living in a shelter.”

Brooklyn spent seven years in the shelter. Her only respite in her long wait was five weeks spent in a foster home.

Her foster dad said Brooklyn was playful and enjoyed wading in the canal. She enjoyed her freedom so much that when her foster care ended, the shelter didn’t have the heart to confine her to a kennel again, and hoped someone else would step up to foster her.

“We don’t want to crush her spirit by making her return to her same lonely kennel run,” they wrote.

The shelter put out pleas on Facebook for someone to help the dog… and when one couple responded, they went even further than fostering:

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They adopted Brooklyn!

They all look so happy together. Brooklyn needed a very particular kind of family to go home to, and it seems like they are the perfect fit.

Best of all, it means Brooklyn’s long, long wait is finally over.

“It took 2,536 days, but this beautiful girl has finally been adopted!” the shelter wrote. “Thank you to everyone involved in making this dream come true.”

Congrats to Brooklyn on finally finding her forever home!

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