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Muddy Husky Malamute -*Talks Her Way Out Of Trouble After Getting Busted For Digging

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Tika is so adorable when she gets into trouble! The Husky Malamute mix wanted to be let inside after having a digging adventure in her yard, but her human had some questions for her first.

Tika’s human says that she can be very cheeky. He said this video is “for dog lovers and anyone who owns a Husky will know how creative they are at escaping their yard.”

“With the floods we have been having…our yard [was] flooded and the ground very soft… I found where she was sliding under the fence and had to put some sleepers there. She wouldn’t show me but as I got closer to it she would look in the other direction that’s how I knew it was the spot. :)”

Sweet Tika was rescued from an animal shelter. Her human wrote, “I couldn’t believe no one claimed her! We bought a workshop vacuum because of how much she sheds. The fences all had to be reinforced but she is so worth it.”

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