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Dog is found safe after going missing in blizzard for three days

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It’s always heartbreaking when a dog goes missing. But it’s even worse when they disappear in hazardous weather conditions.

One family was terrified what could’ve happened to their golden retriever after he disappeared during a massive snowstorm. But thanks to a long search and the help of their neighbors, this dog is finally home.

Julia Neufeldt and her family, from Saskatoon, Canada, are the owners of a one-and-a-half golden retriever named Louie. Last Sunday, a friend offered to take him to the local dog park, according to the CBC.

But the day at the park soon turned into a panic after Louie suddenly disappeared. The family couldn’t find him anywhere.

Facebook/Julia Feufeldt

Making things even worse, Sunday also saw a massive blizzard, burying the area in nearly eight feet of snow. The family feared for the worst.

“I flew into a panic,” Julia Neufeldt told the CBC. “It was like losing a member of your family. It was just devastating.”

While things seemed hopeless, the family continued their search for Louie even during the massive blizzard… and had some help from some new friends.

Julia posted about her missing dog on Facebook, and was overwhelmed by the amount of attention it received. Soon dozens of strangers were joining in the search for Louie.

“It was just really incredible to have so many strangers taking time out of their lives to help look for a dog they had never met, for someone they had never met,” Julia told the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

“I just felt so humbled that people cared so much about our dog.”

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Many people braved the storm to search for Louie… but in the end, it was another dog who found him.

A man was cross-country skiing in the area with his dog, Banjo. Suddenly, Banjo led him 50 meters into a wooded area.

There they found Louie, who had been missing for three days.

“He was burrowed down and Banjo sniffed him out and up popped Louie’s head,” the owner wrote on Instagram.

The man contacted animal control, who reached out to Julia, who was thrilled to hear the good news.

“It was an insane series of coincidences that led to his discovery,” she wrote on Facebook. “The guy who found him does not have social media and had no clue about Louie.”

Soon, the family was joyfully reunited with their missing dog.

Facebook/Julia Feufeldt

Julia was thrilled, and gave a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved with the search.

While Louie has injured his legs and will require surgery on his left ACL, he is otherwise home safe and sound.

But it’s easy to imagine how things might’ve gone differently.

“This could have been a horrible outcome and we were coming to terms with it,” Julia wrote. “We were ready to give up on the area but I’m so thankful we did not.”

“This whole experience has enforced my belief in the power of prayer, good vibes, and the power of love. We are so thankful our family is back together.”

Facebook/Julia Feufeldt

We’re so glad Louie is back safe and sound! Thank you to everyone who braved the blizzard and helped search for him!

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