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Dog chained 24/7 to pole by tangled rope rescued from owner who has “no interest”

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When Flannel the dog was found he was tied to a metal post in the backyard of a house and made to stay outside in all weather.

The rope that he was tied to had become entangled so he could only move a few inches.

Field workers from animal rights organization PETA spotted Flannel and went to ask the owner if he could be untangled so he could reach his kennel and move around more.

But his owner told fieldworkers that he had no interest in keeping this gorgeous hound so allowed the animal heroes to take him away.

“When Flannel first came to us he was very timid,” PETA fieldworker Jes said in a video posted on YouTube.

“He was worried about meeting new people, he was very shy. He did not know how to behave inside.”

His new guardian worked with Flannel to give him the love and reassurance he needed and in turn his confidence blossomed.

“He has a few things that still make him nervous,” Jess added. “But he’s really gained a lot of confidence just learning how to be a dog.”

Chaining a dog up 24-7 and ignoring its needs does untold psychological damage that can sometimes never be rectified.

Thank goodness these animal heroes got to Flannel in time and were able to reassure him he is safe and loved.

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