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Rescue puppy has cutest ears that look like cinnamon rolls

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Jen Deane’s heart skipped a bit when she heard a litter of puppies had been abandoned by their parents. The puppies need to be rescued.

Being the President of Pit Sisters, she immediately took action and went to the five-week-old pups.

She knew they’d be adorable, but she never imagined she’d see a puppy so unique!

All of them were tiny! They had tan-colored fur and they have the most adorable big, pointy ears except for one puppy.

One of them was different. So much so that she stood out from all the rest!

This little puppy had ears curled inward that resemble two cute cinnamon rolls!

“I’ve never seen a dog with ears like hers,” Jen Deane told in her interview The Dodo. “Everyone can’t believe how adorable she is … and she’s even cuter in person!”
Meet Cinnamon! The puppy that will make you go “awwwww.”

Once the Pit Sisters posted Cinnamon’s photo on their page, people instantly fell in love with this pretty little girl. And honestly, how could you not?

She is so cute and those ears are just too adorable! Of course, the little doggo’s photo went viral, and now people just can’t stop sharing her it!

From sharing her photo to messages wanting to adopt this little Cinnamon roll, in just a matter of days, she was a total doggy rock-star!

She may be a superstar now, but did you know that Cinnamon and her siblings didn’t have a good start in life?

Three weeks before they were rescued, Cinnamon and her siblings were saved and they ended up in a local shelter.

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They were abandoned by their parents. They were too young and weak, and they were all on their own.

According to Jen Deane, it was most likely that the little angels escaped from an abusive owner.

They were all dirty, had worms and they were starving.

“They were only 5 weeks old but had not been well cared for at all,” Deane told The Dodo. “We got them right to our vet where they could get immediate health care, and they’re all doing a lot better now.”

After just a few weeks of rehabilitation, they were put up for adoption.

Jen Deane said that she decided to adopt Cinnamon’s brother, named Zeke since she instantly fell in love with him.

Cinnamon, on the other hand, already found her forever home. The family that adopted this unique beauty already has 3 other dogs. They fell in love, not just with her unique and pretty looks, but also with her personality.

Cinnamon is a feisty little girl!

She is, in fact, unbelievably unique and the little puppy knows it!

“Cinnamon is very feisty, in a good way,” Jen shared. “She’s really sweet and gets along well with other dogs. Her ears just match her personality — quirky and really fun.”

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