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Driver Dragged His Dog Down Highway So He’d Collapse & Learn Who’s Boss

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Our animals are family. They bring us so much joy and teach us what unconditional love looks like. With their tails wagging, and happy furry faces, they warm our hearts right up. That is why it is so beyond us that any human could be cruel to an animal. Especially their own pets!

In a story that originated in Moscow, Olga Orlova, a well-known singer, obtained a video from a man who was driving down the highway. The video shows a dog being dragged alongside a car by his cruel owner. The driver who was behind the owner pleaded for help.

Olga posted the footage online where it amassed millions of views. It’s uncertain how long the dog was dragged alongside his owner’s car for before the Olga pulled up behind him. That is what’s most heartbreaking! How long did this sweet dog suffer?

As the car continues down the highway with the dog’s leash slammed inside the door, the dog grows tired. He even stumbles a few times as the car continues on. The stress the dog must have been feeling is unimaginable.

Thankfully, the driver’s information was obtained after local media and animal rights activists got involved. Police then confiscated the dog from his cruel owner where he could find a forever home where he will be loved! After the dog was picked up, he was taken to the vet where they found he was suffering from a number of health complications. It was obvious that the dog had been neglected for quite some time.

Olga captioned the video: “Emotions, of course, cannot be described with mere words. I believe people like this should be locked up, but sadly our laws do not support my opinion. However, I really hope that measures are taken against the cruel owner and anyone else who abuses animals. I hope we can find this dog and save it from death.”

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We are thrilled that this story ended happily but sadly that isn’t always the case. Animals are our forever family. They are to be cherished as they cherish us. It scathes us to think anyone can mistreat an animal and get away with it. We implore you that if you see something, say something. DO NOT take matters into your own hands. Pick up the phone and notify your local authorities.

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