Man Breaks Into Ex-Wife’s Home, Throws Her Crated Dog Into A Fire In Angry Rage

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A Caldwell, Idaho man has been arrested after he allegedly broke into his separated wife’s home and threw her kenneled dog on fire.

29-year-old Niles Reylito Andres was charged with animal cruelty, along with burglary, intimidating a witness, malicious injury to property, arson, and assault.

Andres broke into the house looking for his estranged wife or the man who he believed she was having an affair with. Although they weren’t there, Andres lifted a metal kennel with the family dog inside and threw it into a large fire.

When a police officer arrived, he saw the dog being burned by the fire. “As I got closer, [Andres] saw me and kicked he dog off the fire,” he told Idaho News.

Andres also had a hunting knife and a hatchet in each of his hands, and allegedly tried stabbing the dog.

The dog was rushed to a local animal hospital with severe burns to his legs and lower body.

Andres was immediately taken into custody and booked into Canyon County Jail.

H/T to Idaho News.

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