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Woman stops car to save 10-week old puppy thrown from moving vehicle

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A 10-week-old puppy escaped with only minor injuries after he was thrown from a car in Idaho.

Officers are now investigating after a witness reported seeing someone toss a young dog from a moving vehicle.

The Shih Tzu puppy, believed to be around 10 weeks old, suffered some road rash around his mouth and paws but appears to be okay, as per Idaho News.

He’s currently being treated at the West Valley Humane Shelter.

Staff from the shelter posted an image of the poor pup and wrote: “He suffered some road rash around his mouth and paws but otherwise, thankfully, appears okay.

“And the little dog will have a bright future; the woman who stopped to help the pup says she will adopt the dog if a proper owner isn’t found.”

They also added that this cruelty would never be justified and if you have an unwanted pet “we are here to help!”

I can’t imagine how terrified this poor pup must have been. Thank goodness this woman stopped and saved him.

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