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Little dog always helps grandma by moving carpets to make way for her wheelchair

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Dogs are such intelligent animals and can do so much for their owners. Whether they’re a specially trained service animal or just a really caring pet, they can provide wonderful care for their owners.

That was the case for one thoughtful little dog, who found a precious way to help around the house to look out for grandma.

Ana Clara Simoes and her family, from Brazil, are the owners of a little dog named Lili.

Ana also has an 86-year-old grandmother with diabetes, who had her leg amputated and now relies on a wheelchair.

When you have a loved one using a wheelchair, you of course make home accomodations to make it easier for them. But amazingly, Lili decided to help out, too.

Whenever grandma visits, the dog moves all the carpets out of the way so she can get by!

Amazingly, it’s something the dog does all on her own, with no training.

“At first we thought it was a coincidence,” Ana told The Dodo. “But we realized that it only happened when my grandmother was going to pass through. It’s an act of care.”

“Lili learned to do it herself. We were all very surprised and admire her for it.”

Ana posted the video of the dog helping out her grandma on Twitter, where it has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

What a sweet dog! It’s always great to have such a thoughtful, loving pet like this around the house.

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