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Dog Finds Use For Empty Toilet Paper Roll, Uses It As A Megaphone For Attention

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As dog owners, we know just how clever and smart they can be. They always seem to find new ways to entertain themselves (and therefore us too!) nearly every single day! Dogs can be so funny even when they’re not trying to be, and we never take their humor and ingenuity for granted. ?

Source: AFHV/Facebook

As for the dog in the video below, he just came up with a new idea for a use for a regular household item that’s very impressive! The good boy discovered he could take an empty toilet paper roll and make it out to be a musical instrument and better way to get through to Dad when he needs to most!

Source: AFHV/Facebook

“Let me see your mouth. What do you got in there?” Dad asks his dog. The pooch then turns around with the roll. Watch the creative boy position it as a megaphone to enhance those howls! Now he’s really onto something! ?

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