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Dangerously Aggressive Pit Climbed On Foster Dad’s Lap To Say “I Trust You Now”

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Pit Bulls are often put right on “death row” at animal shelters. They are sadly the most common breed to be surrendered. They are also the most common breeds found as strays or abandoned by their owners. Pits are put on euthanasia lists quickly at kill shelters since they are least likely to get adopted.

Zelus was merely skin and bones when he ended up at a local shelter. He had been struggling just to get the basics. A couple, Amanda and Tanner, who train dogs, decided to go and help Zelus. Amanda says in the video below: “You could tell he had been fighting to eat and live for so long.” Totally heart-crushing!

Source: Zelus’s Story via The Dodo

When the couple met Zelus, he was scheduled for euthanasia that very day. Tanner promised that he wasn’t going to let the poor dog die. They rescued him from the kill shelter that day and when they put him into their vehicle, he laid down as if he had never been on something so comfortable his entire life. Imagine all the pain he endured, being so thin, and having to lie down on cold concrete. The back of the couple’s vehicle felt like heaven!

Source: Zelus’s Story via The Dodo

Amanda and Tanner decided that Zelus would be their first foster dog. They would teach him all about love and consistency, work on his behavior, and then find him a forever home. They remember picking up his first big bag of food and he guarded it as if it was the only food on earth. Zelus continued to exhibit aggressive behavior but it was all for understandable reasons.

Source: Zelus’s Story via The Dodo

Still, the couple was concerned. What if Zelus’s behavior never changed? This was why they needed to work especially hard with the deserving dog. They couldn’t imagine Zelus living a life he didn’t deserve again just because of his traumatic past.

Source: Zelus’s Story via The Dodo

Zelus began to calm down a bit. He learned through consistency, that food wouldn’t be scarce. Zelus also developed friendships with the other dogs the couple works with. Within a week, Zelus became such a cuddle bug! The Pittie developed a soft spot for puppies too!

Source: Zelus’s Story via The Dodo

Things truly began to click with Zelus. He made tremendous progress with everything. Tanner recalls one special day when Zelus climbed up onto his lap then laid his adorable head on Tanner’s shoulder. It was at that moment Tanner realized it was his way of saying, “Ok, my guard’s down. I finally trust you now.”

Source: Zelus’s Story via The Dodo

But even with this bond forming fast, the couple promised that their first foster dog wouldn’t be a foster fail. It was a struggle for sure. To see how the story turns out, watch the video below. It is just too heartwarming to miss!

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