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Baby Beaver Becomes A Self-Taught Dam Builder When Her Family Is Missing

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Beavers possess an innate ability to build dams even without prior experience or exposure to other beavers building dams. However, young beavers usually stay with their parents for two years to learn essential skills. Unfortunately, Nibi, a baby beaver, got separated from her family at only a week old. Despite being rehabilitated by humans, the rescue team understands that nothing can compare to the comfort of other beavers. Thus, they are working on reuniting Nibi with wild beavers as soon as possible.

Beaver Cries For Her Family

One day, a passerby spotted Nibi on a busy road and alerted Newhouse Wildlife Rescue, who took Nibi in immediately and provided necessary care. After a few days of recuperation, the team attempted to reunite Nibi with her family by taking her to a nearby beaver dam. However, even with Nibi’s pleas, no beavers appeared.

“We made efforts over the next few days to try to reunite her. But reuniting with beavers is very rare,” said Jane Newhouse. “We went to the nearest beaver dam and we let her cry out, and we waited to see if any beavers would come, but nobody did.”

Because Nibi was too young to survive in the wild without her family, the rescue team vowed to take care of her until she was ready to live independently in the wild, which might take two or three years. Thus, they are helping her make the most of her life at the rescue without getting too attached to ensure she can thrive without human support in the future.

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Nibi Impresses Her Rescuers

Newhouse and her team worked hard to keep Nibi comfortable and content at the rescue. They quickly discovered how intelligent the tiny beaver was. Nibi loved playing with dog toys, but she would sometimes switch to work mode and gather sticks to build dams, even though she had never seen a beaver build one before.

Although beavers typically build dams in water, Nibi was eager to build them anywhere she could, including in front of doors at the rescue. She also kept her sticks separate from her toys, possibly to differentiate her work and playtime.

As much as Nibi’s rescuers adore her, they refuse to let their emotions interfere with what is best for her. If Nibi appears ready to return to the wild in the future, they will gladly let her do so.

“In the end, I don’t want to see her in an enclosure her whole life. I want her to be in ponds and rivers and be able to chop down trees,” said Newhouse. “So, it’s loving her unselfishly and knowing that this is what’s best for her. But it’s going to be a heartache for sure.”

Watch Nibi’s Journey Here:

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