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Shelter Dog Didn’t Want To Be Different So He Gave His Plushy A Makeover

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Bruno, a pit bull, ended up at the SPCA shelter after he was attacked by another dog, which caused him to lose an ear. Despite his traumatic experience, Bruno remained sweet and loving. To keep him company, a shelter worker gave him a stuffed dog. Bruno did something quite remarkable – he gave the toy a makeover!

Levi came across Bruno’s post online and knew he had to meet him, especially after seeing the photo of Bruno with his stuffed friend. Bruno had torn off the toy’s ear to match his own missing ear. Levi says it was because Bruno didn’t want to be different on his own.

When Bruno met Levi, he ran over to him, carrying his favorite plushy. The pup was overjoyed, and his tail wagged like crazy. After Levi took Bruno home, it only took him a few minutes to adjust. Bruno was eager to start his new life.

Now Bruno lives happily with his dad, spending his days playing at the dog park. Although people have judged him based on his breed, they quickly change their minds after seeing his one ear missing. Levi is happy that Bruno found his perfect home.

Watch the heartwarming video below and share Bruno’s story with your friends and family.

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