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Dog Chose Woman With Cancer To Be Her Mom Except She Belonged To Someone Else

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A neighborhood stray named Georgia kept sneaking into Laurette’s yard. The dog pushed her way in through the fence, walked over to Laurette, and wagged her tail. It was as if she had something to tell her.

Laurette reached out to her neighbor to see if he knew the dog. He then explained that the street dog was staying with him temporarily until he could figure out a permanent solution. Even though it was obvious that Georgia was craving her attention, Laurette led her back to her neighbor’s yard.

But Georgia persisted. She continued to go back to Laurette. Laurette says in the video below, “It was like she was choosing me to be her family.” Their connection was obvious, especially to Georgia. By the third time the dog pushed her way back into Laurette’s yard, the woman surrendered and let her into her house.

The smart dog was quite intuitive. She came into Laurette’s life when the woman needed as much love as possible. She was going through chemo and radiation, battling ovarian cancer. Thankfully, Laurette won that battle! Laurette reached out to her neighbor and asked if she could adopt Georgia and the rest is history.

Georgia becomes an inspiration to Laurette as she recovered from cancer. She helped build up her strength both inside and out. To see the complete story, check out the video below. We are so grateful that these two found one another!

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